The curious prophecy that reveals who will win the Qatar 2022 World Cup: The signs point to Cristiano and – Marca English

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The top goalscorer of the European Championship prior to the World Cup helps to know who will win the World Cup
The World Cup always throws up some curious facts. This particular stat was true in 2010, 2014, and 2018. Will it do it again this year, at Qatar 2022?
It is related to the top goalscorer of the most recent European Championship before a World Cup. Those individuals and their teams tend to go on to win World Cups. It happened with David Villa, Mario Gomez, Antoine Griezmann, and now it might happen with Cristiano Ronaldo.
Will it happen now with Portugal and Cristiano Ronaldo? He was, after all, the leading scorer last time out.
In 2010 it was the Asturian David Villa who won the World Cup after scoring five goals at Euro 2008. Then it was Mario Gomez who scored three at Euro 2012 and and won the World Cup in 2014. Lastly, Griezmann scored six at Euro 2016 and crowned world champion in 2018.
The numbers appear to play in Cristiano‘s favor…
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